Understand and utilize Digitalization to evolve Organizations


Thriving companies success is based on a clear strategy and efficient processes. Together we analyse the actual state in your organization and improve processes where needed. As certified Lead Auditor ISO 9001 implementation, review and audit of QM Systems are part of my service portfolio.


Agile methodologies or the classical way? Being PRINCE2 certified and with track record in both methods and project portfolio management you can rely on my hands-on experience as consultant or project manager.


Bridging a vacancy, filling a competency gap or handling a crisis. I support you as Interim Manager Digitalisation, Managing Director or leading task oriented units.


ECDIS was the first disruptive digital technology in the maritime industry and with IMO implementing it’s e-Navigation strategy the digital voyage has just started. Benefit from my experience in maritime digitalisation and make digital services your competitive advantage.

Consultant & Digital Enabler

I am propelled by curiosity and I love challenges! Being passionate for new technologies, I believe in the power of innovation to develop sustainable solutions which are preferably as simple as possible.

Ulf Steden

My Career…

…started in shipping, navigating naval high-speed vessels and so being appointed to leadership positions early. I was already preparing to switch to the comfort of a five-star cruise liner’s bridge when I deviated from the maritime track. I was offered to head the start-up of a maritime digital service provider instead. The innovative concept and the idea of connecting shipping with IT made me accepting the challenge. We quickly reached a market leading position and meanwhile hundreds of companies’ worldwide benefit from solutions that I have developed together with my teams and the clients. As of today I have been digitalizing processes for companies and managing both classical and agile projects for more than a decade now. With ten years experience in the executive management of an international digital tech company and another ten years in various leadership positions I know what matters to Managing Directors and how to reconcile stakeholder’s interests.

As Consultant…

…I enable clients to understand the digitalized world and enable their teams to concentrate on what they should care about most: Delivering outstanding products and services. My main focuses are projects in a digital context and the adaption of processes and strategies to the today’s quickly changing demands and evolving business models. In doing so I believe the key leading to a great solution is a great team combined with smart and simple processes.

Can I help you…

…with your business processes and projects? Being based in Hamburg, Germany I serve clients worldwide. I am always up for an interesting challenge, so please reach out:

Ulf Steden - Steden Consulting

Reference Projects

With thousands of hours spent in project management I had to overcome a lot of expected and unexpected impediments in different kinds of projects. You may find a few examples for the different kinds of projects successfully completed below. If you are interested in more details on any of the projects feel free to ask at any time:

Business Processes

Introduction of agile methods in software development (SCRUM) and for other development teams

Growth & Start-up

Foundation and establishment of companies in the European Union (EU) and Asia


Planning and rollout of various cross-site communication and IT systems and implementation of internal processes (e.g. IP-Phone systems, Slack, CRM, Helpdesk, Accounting, Time tracking, etc.)

IT Development

Development and Implementation of a Customer Identity and Access Management System (CIAM) based on Open ID Connect

ISO 9001 QM

Implementation and Digitalization of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Growth & Processes

Establishment of a 24/7 support center with locations in three time zones

Funded Projects

Application and project management for federal and EU funded projects


Development of a portable, network based simulation environment for a RADAR-System.